Outdoor Patio Furniture’s Three Most Important Variables

Knowing the materials durability, price, and the differences in style are three of the most important variables when choosing your outdoor furniture.

Deciding what type of furniture is best for you based on your location and weather conditions may result in a very tedious and exhausting search on Google.

To help you decide what is best for you, we have provided a check list below.

Outdoor Patio Furniture Checklist 

out door patio checklist

Source: https://www.patioproductions.com/

Factors To Consider When Shopping For Outdoor Patio Furniture

The Varying Styles & Features

I will show you how to differentiate what looks like the best patio furniture versus what is actually the most reliable, durable, and high value furniture in the market.

Here are the main fundamentals on each material. (I will also provide additional links for more information on your most interested furniture)

Synthetic High Density Polyethylene Wicker Versus Low-Grade Cheap PVC

Model OPE-1004 Brown Wicker & Khaki Cushions/Brown Piping

It is very common for people to misinterpret Synthetic Resin Wicker Furniture with “Rattan”. Synthetic wicker outdoor patio furniture is lhightweight, extremely durable, and requires little to no maintenance.

Click Here to learn about the difference between Wicker and Rattan furniture

Synthetic High Density Polyethylene is one of the best materials for outside furniture

The misinterpretation of both wickers lead many people online to purchase cheap PVC wicker. PVC synthetics will brittle, unravel, and crack within a very short time of it being exposed to sunlight, rain, and humidity. 

High Density Polyethylene is a much higher quality material that does not unravel or degrade under all weather conditions.

 If you have ever experienced or know someone who has had their wicker crack and brittle it is because they have purchased low-quality PVC plastic wicker.

Last, almost all synthetic wicker furniture is built around aluminum frames which contribute to its longevity. In addition to this, when shopping always look for patio furniture with a commercial grade aluminum frame.